Training for adults and young people with special needs

Glachbeg offers personalised training packages for adults and youg people with special needs. There is no standard format, but typically a client will work through a progression from carrying out supervised tasks, through to independence and responsibility. Targets are set and achievements are reviewed against those targets frequently.

We are small enough to adapt to individual requirements and even to introduce new experiences that suit the needs of clients.

Current opportunities include working with animals, animal care tasks, vegetable growing, maintenance, conservation tasks, tree nursery work, egg collection and packaging, data collection, working independently and working in groups.

The flexibility offered extends to the procedure adopted for integrating a new client into Glachbeg, but it would normally take the following form:

It is not intended that a placement here should be a long term one unless it is deemed appropriate for the clients needs. It is usually preferable for clients to attend weekly rather than several times in the same week, but once again this is subject to the needs of the client.

Some considerations

What can Glachbeg offer?

In addition to work programmes, Glachbeg can offer education sessions such as Literacy and Numeracy. These programmes will be devised with yourselves to meet your particular requirements.

Charges for work programmes

Charges are per client (plus VAT). Please see "downloads" section for details

What now?

Glachbeg is a small family run centre, which means that we can be very flexible. This also means that in order to deliver a high quality service numbers are limited, and this number may vary depending on individual needs/seasons, etc.

Please make contact and arrange a meeting with us to discuss possibilities, including the appropriateness of programmes and waiting times.