Leaflets and forms

Primary Schools leaflet (1.98)

The 2016 Primary school leaflet, listing possible courses and charges (added 26/03/2015)

Secondary Schools Leaflet (700kb)

This is a generic leaflet containing some course ideas for different subjects. All progammes are written to suit your requirements, so please discuss with us. (added 26/03/2015)

Special Education Programme (0.5mb)

This leaflet explains how programmes might work for children with support needs. The key here is that of flexibility. We can support work sampling, transition,Personal and Social Education and curriculum programmes. Please ask. (added 26/03/2015)

Musicy things (0.4gb)

Glachbeg is involved in music in many forms: a monthly acoustic music club, recording studio,professional sound engineering, rehearsal space, "find a band" videography (added 26/03/2015)

Adult placements at Glachbeg (600kb)

Information about placements for adults with special needs (added 23/01/2015)

In It Together Club (500gbb)

Wednesday evenings during term time we run this informal club for young adults with ASN and those in transition from school (added 23/01/2015)

Referral form for a placement (82.5 kb)

This application should be completed and returned to Glachbeg. We will then contact you to discuss and arrange a pre placement visit. (added 25/03/2014)

Venue leaflet (0.7mb)

Information leaflet about hiring Glachbeg as a conference/ meeting/workshop venue. (added 26/03/2013)

Programmes for local groups (0.3 Mb)

Based on our school programmes we can also offer programmes for non school groups. Programmes are designed with leaders to suit their needs. Scouts, guides, youth groups, adult community groups etc etc, are all welcome (added 11/01/2012)

A Curriculum for Excellence (800kb)

How a Glachbeg programme can help fulfill requirements for "A Curriculcm for Excellence." (added 24/08/2007)

Application form for conference/ meeting/ venue booking (100kb)

Please download , complete and return if you wish to book the building (added 29/09/2005)

Venue hiring information and conditions (41kb)

This contains more detailed information about our conditions of hire. (added 29/09/2005)

If you don't see it here, please ask.