Glachbeg will follow closely government / NHS/ Highland Council, instructions in working with the Covid 19 virus outbreak, and will review this each day. We are asking all people to wash their hands well when they arrive, and regularly throughout their time here ( This is quite normal here anyway). We are regularly cleaning surfaces/ handles etc. We also have plenty of space to spread out in the classroom, and of course spend most of the time outdoors working with individual staff in their own spaces. Most of the people who are on placements with us are here as they have needs best served by keeping things as normal as possible. We have now stopped the non critical functions such as the In It Together club, and folk club. We would also ask that people do not attend if they are not able to carry out ( even with the help of their carers) the basic rules of hand washing, covering mouth/nose when sneezing, or who show signs of the dry cough/ temperature.