As we work with children and adults who have particular support needs. We are trying to keep things as normal as we can, though appreciate that things change by the day. You will see an earlier posts with information about our actions. Please also ask if you would like to see a letter with actions listed.

We are aware that schools are closing today, and that any children who attended as part of their school programme will not be attending from next week. Highland Council will, by the end of next week, resolve which children need support and how that will be provided. We presently have no idea if that would include any activity at Glachbeg.

We are currently implementing systems for supporting placements who will not be attending. This will include regular “ news sheets” on the things that are happening here, ( lambing etc) and photographs We will use telephone, and other IT systems to work remotely as we are aware of the risks of social isolation and the well being of our placements. We will also offer routes for discussion and interaction with placements, where confidentiality allows this. This will not replace much of the experience of Glachbeg, but will enable us to maintain relationships with them and provide them with support.