We thought we would update you on where we are with placements . For us there are difficult choices to make and we have to reconsider our approach at least twice a day. We have to combine the particular requirements of contact and movement restrictions, the views of staff, the needs of the people we work with, and their own contexts. We always like to think of Glachbeg being a family, and we want to make sure that we keep everybody safe and included. We are moving towards a position where we will be supporting most of our placements remotely. There will be various means of doing this including the Facebook Page, telephone, and a Microsoft Teams channel. We do appreciate that for some people this will not be possible, and for now they will continue to attend. There will be very few people coming to Glachbeg this week. This of course is subject to change as the hours pass ! If you are not sure if you should be attending please check with us.