For those of you who have placements with us: We are considering if there are any implications for placements attending after Christmas as the Highlands moves from Tier 1 to Tier 4. We currently take the view that there is no need for anything to change as the ” support services” guidance indicates that we can continue. You will see our working protocol in the Downloads area of this website, and any placements with us attend on the basis of ” consent” between all people involved. We are also pretty unique in the one to one and largely outdoor nature of our working which further reduces risk. As far as children who come through schools are concerned it will be schools that will tell us and parents when children can return to placements. We are assuming children will not return before the 18th, though as we will be ready from the 6th ,it may be that Highland council decide that some children can attend from the 11th . As you know things change rapidly and therefore may change before that time.