NHS Highland have asked “Building based day service providers” to talk to those responsible for NHS funded placements about the current Covid situation in Highland. Though we have and use a building, we are largely outdoor based, where the risks are known to be lower. We also continue to work to the protocol which is in the “Downloads” area of our website. www.glachbeg.org.uk We would not claim however to be risk free. They have asked us to point out that the numbers of cases in the Highland Council area are continuing to increase. There are presently no intentions of asking providers to close to their users. However, they do feel that we should be able to discuss with you any concerns you have, and also to say that if you feel that your person should go back to remote support, we can discuss how we might do this. Please have a look at our website, and we would be very happy to talk to you, whether you are NHS funded or not !