Glachbeg is a small farm on the Black Isle whose purpose is to support adults and children in fulfilling their potential. Along with the information below, leaflets and more resources are available in the Downloads section.

People usually work on a one to one basis as their staff “buddy” takes them through a journey of fulfilment through achievement. From the beginning, purposes will be identified and will form the basis for outdoor and indoor activities here.

The backbone of activities is animal care , plant growing, food production through the garden and polytunnel, the woodland and the outdoors. This backbone allows the attachment of many experiences, including cooking, baking, literacy, numeracy, money, art, craft, music, and environmental work.

Working alongside their “buddies”, placements are encouraged to recognise their emotions, accept them and adopt constructive ways of dealing with them. We are able to work with people of many abilities, and always start from a position of “can do” rather than “can’t do”. We tailor activities to create challenges that people can overcome and therefore experience success. Skills learned are life and work related.

We can work with both children and adults.

It is usually preferable for people to attend weekly rather than several times in the same week, but once again this is subject to the needs of the person. Placements here may be for a short term but can be extended.

We have experience of working with many kinds of additional support needs for both children and adults, Including those with ASC. Work is largely based outdoors, though the indoor space is used too.

Bob, the head of centre, is a qualified and experienced teacher and has had long experience in working in a Local Authority Education Centre based on a City Farm. Bob has also carried out advisory work for projects throughout the UK on behalf of the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens and also to the Department for Education.

Some considerations:

● Work will largely be outdoors.

● There are Health and Safety matters to consider, including those associated with working outdoors with livestock and tools.

● Risk assessments are in place for activities, though these will need to be adapted to suit individuals circumstances.

● It is expected that clients should have suitable clothing for working outdoors- including overalls, waterproofs and steel toe capped wellingtons.

● As this project is on a small scale, there will not be large numbers of people about.

● We cannot provide personal care, but we can accommodate most needs.

● People with high support needs may have to bring their own additional support


There is a full access statement available.

The centre building is fully accessible . Access around the outdoor areas is variable depending on weather. It can be particularly muddy by gateways. Some areas can be difficult to access by all in prolonged wet weather.

What can Glachbeg offer ?

1. A work type context where you can experience success, satisfaction (or even fun !)

2 Encouragement for the development of skills of independence, self- responsibility and initiative.

3. The opportunity for people to identify interests, and frequently an opportunity to pursue them.

4. Life skills and work related training.

5. Music industry skills- [performing, recording and live sound.

6. John Muir Award, Youth Achievement Award, Dynamic Youth Award and ASDAN.

7. In addition to work programmes Glachbeg can offer education sessions such as literacy and numeracy. These programmes will be devised with yourselves to meet your particular requirements.


1. Sheep

2. Shetland Cattle

3. Vegetable Garden

4. Greenhouse

5. Polytunnel

6. Ornamental Garden

7. Sustainable centre building

8. PA, recording and music

9 Soft fruits

10. Top fruits

11.Tree nursery

12. Poultry

13. Garden machinery

14. Woodland

15. Green woodworking

16. IT

17. Tractor and implements

18. Kitchen

19. Barn